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*          Small Diversity Owned Business

Software Beret Inc.



“State-of-the-Art Embedded Software Tools and Processes”



Software Beret Inc. specializes in Model-Based Tools and Processes

for Embedded Software Applications.


Tool vendors and conference papers have touted the benefits of Model-Based Tools with impressive claims of:

-      shorter development times

-      higher quality code

-      overall reduction in costs


However, a model-based process is like other processes in that, if improperly implemented, the advertised benefits will not be realized.


Software Beret Inc. will help your company realize the potentially significant benefits of using a model-based software development process.


Motivational Thought


“If I were to let my life be taken over by what is urgent, I might never get around to what is essential.” Henri Nouwen


Model-Based Methods and Tools can help to leave more time for what is essential.

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