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Software Beret Inc.


Employee Mix


Average Over 12 Years Experience

Electrical Engineers, Computer Engineers, Computer Scientists

Bachelors, Masters, Ph D.


Industry Experience





Core Competencies


Software Automation



Automated Model Manipulation

System (ie Plant) Modeling

Control System Design

Automatic Code Generation

Automatic Test Generation (including MCDC for safety critical applications)

Hardware In The Loop

Communication Protocols


Custom Compilers

Custom Translators

Multi-Threaded and Distributed Applications



Example Projects


Experience has shown that the true power of model-based tools comes when the individual tools are combined into an entire tool chain that goes from requirements through final testing. Software Beret Inc. has placed special emphasis on creating custom tools that “fill in the gaps” and integrate existing commercial tools.


            Example Custom “Fill in the gap” Tools:

-          Regression Test Suite with Automated Pass/Fail Detection

-          Version Control Tool

o         Version control at Subsystem Level (not at the file level)

o         Version control a set of files: model, library, S-Functions, m-scripts, …

-          Model Statistics

o         Where/How are global variables used

o         Where are functions defined and used

-          Style Guide Checker and Automated Fixer

-          Convert information from a custom data base to format needed by autocode, auto test, or other tools

-          Lots of other possibilities


            Example Integrations of Existing Commercial Tools:

-          Version Control – Model Difference – Automatic Test Generation

-          Model Instrumentation – Automatic Test Generation

-          Autocode – RTOS (~= custom autocode tool)

-          Model Coverage – Automatic Test Generation – Requirement Traceability

-          Model Difference – Requirements Traceability

-          Lots of other possibilities



Software Beret Inc. also has significant experience with:

-        Selecting “Individual” Tools

-        Modeling Style Guides

-        Converting Code to Model

-        Documentation

o        For example “de-mystifying” Stateflow

-        Training Materials


Bio of Software Beret President: Scott Ranville


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