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Company President


Scott Ranville






Scott Ranville graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelors of Science of Engineering in Electrical Engineering in 1992, and a Masters of Science of Engineering with a major in Control Theory in 1993. After college, Scott started work at Ford. In 1995 Scott transferred to the Scientific Research Laboratory researching computer aided control system design tools and methodologies. In 2001 Scott became a consultant for model-based embedded software design tools and processes. Areas of specialty include discrete controller models, automatic code generation, formal methods, automated generation of unit test vectors, and creating a complete tool chain.



Publications & White Papers


Example Current and Former Clients


Ford, GM, Toyota, Cummins, Visteon, ABB,

Rockwell Collins,

Software Productivity Consortium, T-VEC, Esterel Technologies, ChiasTek (TNI-Valiosys)



Formal Education


M.S.E. in Electrical Engineering, University of Michigan, 1993

Major : Control Theory       Minor : Computer Architecture


B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering, University of Michigan, 1992

Summa Cum Laude



Employment History


Software Beret, Embedded Software Tools Consulting Services, 2003-Present

New Eagle Software, R&D Consultant: Embedded Software Tools Specialist, 2001-2003

Ford, Software Research in Scientific Research Laboratory, 1995-2001

Ford, Product Design Engineer in Advance Electromagnetic Products, 1994-1995

Ford, Summer Intern, Machine Controls Engineering, 1993

Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, Summer Intern, Software for Satellite Systems, 1992

Buick, Summer Intern, Calibration, 1991

University of Michigan, Optics Laboratory, 1990, Summer Research Opportunity Program for Minorities



Example Current and Former Projects



·         Compared Matlab R12.1 vs. R13 vs. R13.1 vs. R14 vs. R14.2 vs. R14.3 vs. R2006a

·         Example m-scripts: Block Counter, Copy Subsystem, Extract all Stateflow Objects

·         Converted C code to Matlab with modeling Style Guide recommendations for Major Automotive Company



Matlab Modeling Style Guides

·         Created Matlab Style Guide for Discrete Controllers for Automatic Code Generation with BEACON for Diesel Engine Company

·         Created Matlab Style Guide for Discrete Controllers for Tier 1 Automotive Supplier

·         Style Guide to Allow ERT Code to be Tested (D0-178B Level A) by Reactis

·         Style Guide to Maximize ERT Throughput

·         Style Guide to Minimize ERT ROM/RAM usage



Test Vectors

·         Created “safety-critical” test objectives for all Simulink Blocks, also created Reactis User-Defined Test Objectives to allow Reactis to generate these desired tests

·         Created automation script to reduce model preparation time for using a Matlab model with Reactis (unit test vector generation tool) from hours to min.

·         Unit Test Vector Generation Benchmark for Major Automotive Company

·         Providing feedback to T-VEC on their Matlab interface

·         Provided feedback to Reactis while tool was still a beta product, many recommendations made it into the current version of the tool




·         Automatic Code Generation Benchmark for TargetLink, Embedded Coder, BEACON for Major Automotive Company

·         Lead team making automation framework tool to make TargetLink a seamless part of the software development process

·         Worked with Automatic Code Generation Companies (Embedded Coder, TargetLink, BEACON) to Enhance Their Code Generation Tools

·         On team that provided requirements for the Simulink to BEACON Bridge tool. Lead team that did acceptance testing of the Bridge tool



Tool Vendors

·         Provided technical support for TNI-Valiosys’ SCB (formal methods for Matlab model), STB (test vectors from Matlab model), and Reqtify (requirements management)

·         Created report for tool vendor on how they could improve their training materials

·         Created extensive Matlab test suite for a tool vendor’s internal testing

·         Documented Simulink and Stateflow features for tool vendor

·         Created m-script to help tool vendor extract Stateflow features



Generic Model-Based

·         Proposed Verification and Validation process for a Model-Based Software Development Process for 2 major automotive OEMs

·         Investigated tools for use in Model-Based Software Development Process for Major Automotive OEM

·         Investigated Other Tools to Help the Software Development Process




·         Benchmarked Commercial RTOSs for 68332 and PowerPC 505



Algorithm Development

·         Developed and Implemented Battery (Lead-Acid) Charging Algorithms for In-Vehicle Use

·         Developed and Calibrated Traction Control System


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